Healthcare Information Technology

IT has become an integral part of our lives. Therefore, the health department takes the train. This is the result of the great positive impact on our lives. Even if you can not imagine ten years ago, it takes a few seconds and a dollar to call worldwide. Medical care can be improved in various ways through the Health Information System (HIS). It is beneficial for patients and professionals. A profitable healthcare software solution. Manage patient records, invoices, financial management and other important aspects of healthcare.

As a result, the healthcare / healthcare provider can not only manage a patient record, but also manage and manage your company’s software. This helps for administrative reasons to avoid mistakes. In the traditional office environment this is probably a big problem. Build a health care bill, record patient profiles, and create mountains and mountains for meditation notes as a very tedious task. However, by using effective medical care software, you can manage health management by reducing errors. Save time and increase productivity through invoicing, account balances, patient report recording and more.

 Using the entire health software system improves service quality and organization efficiency. To improve patient safety, update security protocols, electronic health records, and orders from healthcare providers. In addition, inquiries and electronic billing invoices and accelerated refunds will be provided. Reduce the cost of additional savings faster. Many healthcare software solutions include administrative claims and estimates, accounting systems, patient registration, personnel and salary management, electronic materials management, drug registration, laboratory testing, clinical informatization, electronic health care, photo storage, and so on. including.

Communication systems, non-film drawings, laboratory reports and other test results, clinical decision support systems, compliance drug prescriptions, warning errors, transcription, electronic intensive care patient monitoring, units, desktops, laptops, infrastructure such as tablets, servers and networks, wireless networks, transcription sound detection systems, medical history and ordering, barcode drug technology, medical devices, inventory management, information security systems, medical, online administration and accounting applications, programs, online clinical referrals (global medicine) online clinic, electronic entry, entry of health care providers, Clinical Decision Support Systems, Medical Records A patient e-mail in communication with broadcast infrastructure offices and portable and networked servers. Lorient Health is a health information system for all types of health professionals. Can be used for small, medium and large training. At the same time functions such. Manage patient records, secure data storage, accounting and finance, order management, inventory management, reports (PDF reports), networks and remote access, backup and restore features, recipe prescriptions, tools, revenue and expense tracking.