Gas Detectors for Water Car Technology

Due to high fuel prices, most people are looking for ways to save on gasoline. Some experts say you can drive your car under water.

Fraud in water technology? For a long time, scientists have discovered that energy can be extracted from water and used as an alternative automobile fuel. So what is the truth about water technology?

Air water: who are we?

The key to this marvelous technology is old water. I learned in chemistry class that water (H2O) consists of hydrogen and oxygen. The gas that your engine can use is called oxygen and consists of HHO. When water dissolves during electrolysis, oxygen expands and can be used as an energy source. On the engine of the car has special equipment for gas HHO. The guide, which you can find on the Internet, a way to do this on weekends is easily accessible and cheap.

Electric short handler

For many years, electrolysis has been used in industry, and the basic processes are well known. Replacing an installed car engine allows spare parts, and parts allow oxygen (HHO) gas out of the water — just here in your car. Thousands of drivers now use water technology and have received a very positive improvement over MPG. When I study this article, the entire route is approximately 25% of the 200% plus in one case.

Water technologies that we use

We want to enter the data on the links below, so here is a brief overview of the benefits. 1) Reduce fuel consumption. 2) Thus, your car gets less pollution. 3) Labor costs are reduced because water is cheaper than gasoline. 4) Save money. As the price of gas continues to rise, you will save more.