Conventional Technology Paint for Vehicles

Traditional car paints are proven to be more dangerous as they contain many harmful environmental components. As a result, technology in this area is constantly being developed to create ecological products with quality that is at least traditional products. Recently, the development of technology related to the coating has been growing rapidly. In fact, the latest technology brings water-based technology to the paint. Even for diluted use, this product contains more water, non-toxic compounds, because the paint thinning can cause environmental damage.

Water-based technology can be said to be a simple process; water can replace the thinner paint liquid, with the advantages of mixing, spraying and evaporation. This is very useful because the substance in the diluent is a harmful environmental compound. However, this does not mean that water does not use thinner paint throughout the production process. However, the concentration and the amount of use decreased compared with the use of thinner paint on conventional products. Thus, a combination of paints containing water and a high solids system is a mixture of different compounds contained in the coating that reduces the amount of poisonous digestion used.

The new system is very environmentally friendly, including the coating process, under the mantle and coating. Paints that contain more water should be heated to temperatures of 5 to 30 degrees Celsius. Even with better results, it needs to be heated to a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. This process is slightly more complicated than using conventional coatings. Recently, the system has developed an oven coating method that removes some of the barriers. For example, to paint paint in the oven, you should be careful before painting. In addition, an infrared method can also be used, so that the paint sucked with water may be of course easy to dry.

The development of this product is suitable for water. Therefore, the color bonding process is one of the examples that can be easily accomplished. This process can be thought of as a paint mix for water design purposes. But the end result is almost like oil painting, oil painting is stronger, and it is easy to apply glossy metal. Because it is easily dissolved in water, other chemical solvents needed in the painting process can be very small, about 10% compared to conventional coatings. Based on the process of laying the traditional products, 85% of the toxic solvents are required. However, using this new layer, only 10% of the other chemical compound solvents are needed.

The benefits of using water are not only to reduce environmental problems during the graduation process, but to balance the ecological and economic systems. This new material is safer to use everyday and can significantly reduce investment in new equipment because the material is used less than conventional coatings. The German car manufacturer has also taken research to refine these results. Development involves a circular process in which the mixed water directly melts into a special container during spraying. It also includes the use of the latest ultrafiltration systems. Before cleaning the contaminants and other toxic chemicals, the process was water from the paint collected from the 250,000-liter water tank.

After that, the water is recycled in the coating circuit. In other words, water is needed to fill the water circuit. This means that the whole process of painting not only guarantees environmental respect, but is also very good because water can be recycled. The process is capable of reducing energy by more than 70% and is used to color the whole body of the factory outlets. This means that at least 2,900 tons of oil can be saved each year during the painting process at the Audi plant. When we talk about the new painting technique, it is evident that it is necessary to relate to the factory painting process of the factory. The result is a development of environmental protection and the use of water to achieve an effort to curb production costs. At the same time, the level of information of excellence has not been reached for commercial or painting services.